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Our Teachers

We at Music House Academy believe in giving our students a quality music education. With that, MHA holds a high standard of professionalism in our staff. All of our music teachers are highly experienced, educated in musical arts, and love sharing their passion of music with their students. 

Music Teacher, Violin Lessons
Mr. Asy Alisade   Violin

Mr. Asy started playing violin at the age of seven, when he studied at the Uzbekistan National Musical School for gifted children in 1971-1981. During his studies there, Mr. Alisade  had systematically participated in various performance competitions and musical festivals. 


In 1981 Mr. Alisade  entered the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan and in 1985 he became the winner of the 3rd prize at the Fifth National Violin Competition.  One year later, in 1986 he won the First  prize at the Third National Chamber ensembles competition. 

In 1988 Mr. Alisade entered the assistantship at Moscow State Conservatory and successfully  graduated in 1991. From 1991-2008 he worked at the top Russian and Israeli Symphony Orchestras such as the Moscow State Symphony Orchestra and the New Israeli Opera Symphony Orchestra Rishon LeZion. Mr. Asy has been living in South Florida for nine years, where he is a part of the Palm Beach Opera and several other orchestras. 

Mr. Asy is one of the few in South Florida who had the privilege to study with famous professors of the Moscow and St. Petersburg Conservatory in Russia. As a teacher, he reveals to his students the knowledge that he received from his great teachers and the Russian Violin School.  He uses his knowledge to teach his students how to play violin the right way.

PianoTeacher, Piano Lessons
Ms. Larisa Titenskaya    Piano

Mrs. Larisa began her musical studies  in 1979 when she was admitted to the Uspensky School for Musically Gifted Children in Uzbekistan with a specialization in violin and piano. She later was accepted to the Tashkent Conservatory, where she continued to refine her musical skills from 1990 to 1995. During her conservatory studies, Mrs. Larisa began her work as a musical instructor, teaching piano and violin. She graduated with a degree in musical arts in 1995.

Mrs. Larisa has been working  in South Florida in early childhood education for over ten years, specializing in music education and providing her musical studies in English, Russian, and Hebrew. She is also certified with a Child Development Associate Certification, using this knowledge while working with children. Mrs. Larisa has successfully combined her passions of teaching and music to provide high-quality music education for our students. Mrs. Larisa believes that in order to learn to play piano, one has to be taught with patience and care.

Cello Teacher
Mr. Aziz Sapaev    Cello

Born into a family of musicians, Mr. Aziz was introduced to classical music at an early age. Mr. Aziz started his cello studies at thirteen years old at the Uspensky School for Musically Gifted Children in Uzbekistan. He was later invited to the Trakya University in Turkey. Later in his studies at the University of Miami, Mr. Aziz was taught world-renowned cello pedagogues such as David Cole and Ross Harbaugh. He has also enrolled in Master Classes with famous cello instructors, namely Lynn Harrel, Peter Wiley, Arnold Steinhardt, and Tobias Kuhne. Mr. Aziz has a Master's Degree in Performance from Lynn University and a Doctor of Musical Arts (ABD) from the University of Miami.

Mr. Aziz is an accomplished cello player, having won the First Prize in the First International Young Musicians' competition held in Turkey, the First Prize in the National Cello Competition in Edirne, Turkey, and the Third Prize in the 5th International Young Musical Talents competition held in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Currently, Mr. Aziz holds the following positions: Assistant Principal Cellist of the Palm Beach Symphony and Florida Grand Opera Orchestra, and a Member of the Con Brio String Quartet.

Mrs. Anne Smith    Vocal

Anne Smith holds a Masters Degree in Arts Education from Lesley University and a BM in Music Education form the Crane School of Music at SUNY Potsdam.

She is a Lyric Soprano who majored in voice, and has strong piano skills.

Originally from New York, Anne was trained classically in voice, but is a very versatile musician. She performed jazz music in several venues in NYC, including The Yale Club, The Waldorf Astoria, and Park Central Hotel.

Anne has extensive experience in teaching general and vocal music to children of all ages as well as adults. Her focus is on vocal health, posture, stage presence, and rudimentary theory, as she feels that many singers are not taught enough music readings skills. 

Using her knowledge as both a singer and a teacher, Ms. Anne teaches her students to confident singers through solid, foundational teaching.

David - Guitar.jpg
Mr. David Tcherfas   Guitar

David Tcherfas earned his degree from the Moscow Pedagogical College No. 3 as a music teacher.

With over 30 years of teaching experience, Mr. David has broad experience working with adults and children of all ages and skill levels.

Mr. David employs instructional methods and materials that are tailored to the needs and goals of each student, working towards meeting personal objectives with great success.

Aside from his extensive experience playing and teaching the guitar, Mr. David is also proficient with the alto saxophone.

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