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TUITION & Pricing

Music House Academy is dedicated to providing our students with classical-training for an affordable price.
You will receive the highest level of  music instruction for the most fair price. We believe that musical education is not an expense, it is an investment.
Trial Lesson

Trial lessons are 30 minute, one-time lessons and are offered for FREE.

During your trial lesson, you will be able to try out our teaching style and personality and see if you and our teachers are a good match.

What's Included?

During your first lesson, you will receive your very own music book that will be used during our lessons.

This complementary book includes an interactive music software for at-home practice. 

Private Music Instruction

Experience has shown that students are much more musically successful and progress at a significantly quicker rate when enrolled in twice-a-week lessons. This lesson structure allows for sustained learning and more constant exposure between our instructors and their students. 

Beginner I [5 - 8 Years Old] *

30 Minute Lesson (2x Week) - $30 each

30 Minute Lesson (1x Week) - $35 each

Beginner II [9 - 11 Years Old]

45 Minute Lesson (2x Week) - $45 each

Session Payment Discount

Lesson payments may be conducted on a session basis at a discounted rate. The student/parent(s)/guardian(s) may select a “4 class session” (one lesson a week) or an “8 class session” (two lessons a week).


45 Minute Lesson (1x Week) - $50 each

Intermediate & Advanced [12 + Years Old]

60 Minute Lesson (2x Week) - $55 each

60 Minute Lesson (1x Week) - $60 each

Sibling Discount Offered [2+ Children/1x Week]:

30 Minutes - $30 |
45 Minutes - $45 |
60 Minutes - $55 |

* Lesson duration and associated age recommendation reflects the              appropriate length of instruction for certain ages. A student's actual age and skill level will both be relevant when assigning a price group, which will be agreed upon on case-by-case basis.

Sibling discount and 2x week lesson discount cannot be applied in combination.

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