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The benefits of learning music are undeniable. The advantages of music education can provide students with the tools and abilities that they can use throughout their life. The following list highlights a few of music education's rewarding qualities.

1. Music improves memory and concentration

Music education is a proven method of improving memory skills and concentration abilities. Learning a musical instrument promotes the development of these mental skills by encouraging the brain to adapt to musical education. Students learn to think spatially, memorize chords, and learn to combine their own voice with their instrument.

One study shows that musicians outperform non-musicians in visual, auditory, and memory tests. In fact, enhanced development of mathematical and engineering skills has been linked to music education. It is no coincidence that Albert Einstein played the violin and Oxford professors of physics and mathematics make up 70% of the university music club.

2. Music promotes sense of discipline and patience

It is no secret that learning music takes time and effort. For this very reason, taking on music education promotes a healthy sense of discipline and patience. Learning music by yourself or with the help of the right music teacher develops practice routines and personal commitment.

This discipline can easily transfer and translate into other areas of study and work, only further improving personal regiments and productivity. Musical mastery is a journey that is enriching and the pathway to it helps music students of all ages and levels grow alongside it.

3. Music is healing for the soul and heart

Music is not only a universal language but also an instrument of the soul and heart. The joy of learning and playing music can help bring calmness into one’s life. It is an outlet through which one can be uplifted and inspired. Studies have shown that music can relive stress, tension, as well as lessen anxiety and depression.

Music education has also been linked to health improvements. A lower blood pressure, decreased heart rate, and neurological stimulation are just some of the gifts that music can provide. For these very reasons, fields such as music therapy have become popularized and acknowledged by doctors, psychiatrists, and musicians around the world. The healing characteristics of music are applicable to both children and adults!

4. Music as a tool for character growth

Through music education, a person has the opportunity to grow and improve their character. Learning music provides students with increased confidence and self-belief. The encouragement that can be provided by a music teacher goes a long way and directly leads to healthy personal growth, which then translates to other parts of a student’s life.


Music House Academy is a music school that is dedicated to helping students uncover these wonderful benefits of music education. Our teachers provide students with exceptional instrument programs that encourage the student to flourish alongside their musical journey. We welcome students of all skill levels and ages, kids or adults; we are always prepared to teach the right way. As we like to say: if you decide to study music, be sure to do it with a professional!

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