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To explore and develop the musical POTENTIAL of our students as well as their love for music through world-class teaching methods.



Dedicated to the highest level of instruction and professionalism, MHA is proud to offer our prestigious music programs

Violin Teacher, Music Teacher


Music House Academy offers a high level of music instruction in our various programs, which include violin lessons, piano lessons, guitar lessons, cello lessons, and vocal training.

Our music school welcomes students of all skill levels and ages, where we acknowledge that proper and effective music education must be done with the right teacher. If you decide to study music, be sure to do it with a professional.

Our teacher's goal is to work with our students to bring out their musical skills by promoting creativity and artistic expression.



Before founding Music House Academy, I spent over thirty years teaching violin around the world while sharing my passion and knowledge of music with my students.

At Music House Academy, quality music education is our primary goal, with students grasping various themes of music theory alongside their instrument studies.



We view our students' interests, their feelings of success, enjoyment, and their personal and musical accomplishment as our top priorities.


I welcome you to begin or continue your musical journey with Music House Academy.

-  Mr. Asy Alisade   


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Piano Lessons

OUR Students SUCCEed

Teacher Giving Guitar Lessons

2020-21 has been a difficult year to study music. All our lessons were held online. Despite these obstacles, we are proud to announce that since then, five of our students have been accepted into the prestigious Florida All-State Orchestra.

Music House Academy is proud to have students in our program that have successfully been accepted into Florida All-State and All-County Orchestra as well as received full scholarships to American Heritage School through our violin instruction. Such feats are possible through our extensive audition training, which prepares our students to play with confidence and skill.


Learning musical discipline and character is a key part of our curriculum, as we believe in instilling such values in all of our students in order to accelerate and refine their musical progress.

Maggini's violin

Fina T.

A lot of experience with kids. Very constant and never give up on them.

Detail of Sheet Music

Jami R.

I owe it to Maestro Asy... a very talented, patient, and persistent teacher who balances his lessons with seriousness and levity.

Piano Keys

Gayatri K.

Patient, caring, and take time to teach well and are very professional.

Sheet Music

Tracy M.

We really appreciate the care and friendship you provided in addition to the music you taught.

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